Stained Glass

Pretty, Always Attractive

Stained Glass Lamp

I once read a book from the local library on making a stain glass box. The subject fascinated me but was relegated to the "someday list" until a friend of mine proposed that we take a stain glass adult education course at a local high school after work.

Cost and Tools

The entry price for the required tools is a little high if you are not sure if you are going to like the hobby, but very reasonable if you stay in the hobby as they will last nearly forever. My friend and I shared the expenses and still share the tools 20 years later. We are lucky to have McMow Glass near us. The copper foil method was taught. None of the steps are particularly hard and what you can build is only limited by your imagination. Unfortunately, none of the steps are particularly fun. The final product, or the person for whom you are a making a project, needs to be your motivation.

I have built several window panels, panels for cupboards, numerous jewelry boxes, a sundial over my swimming pool, a Tiffany style lamp, seasonal panels for my outside light, and many Christmas gifts for my family and friends.

Some Window Panels

Piper Cub and Clouds

Tracking Skydiver and Parachute

Glider and Cloud


Coat of arms
Coat of arms panel
The etching on these panels was done using a cut-out rubber mask and a sandblaster. In some cases a special glass that is laminated with colored glass on one side and clear glass on the other was used.

Some other Stain Glass Projects

These we made in Multiples of ~ 20 as Christmas gifts

Butterfly Night Lights (2000)
The two piece butterfly was the starter project at adult education course we took. So I made a bunch and attached them to night lights.


Christmas Trees

Book Ends
Monogrammed Book Ends
Note the etched Initials these were done chemically using something similar to this Etching Cream

Christmas Voltaires Holiday Voltaires
Holiday Voltaire's (2008 & 2010)
Picture Frames
Picture Frames

2015_10_30_mongram_suncather 2015_10_30_Mongram_stack
Monogram Sun Catchers (2015) Stack of Monogram Sun Catchers

I developed a process for making the sandblasting masks using my CNC router. You can learn more about this process HERE

A few one offs.

Christmas Tree Star
I soldered a 1/2" wide copper strip to the back to make a spring clip to hold this up on the tree.
Better than cardboard and tinfoil stars we made when I was a child?

Jewelry Box (Note etched Initials)

Child's box

Sun Dial
Sun Dial
I built this to go over my pool.

Lamp Post Inserts I have made inserts for all the Major Holidays

I made a box to protect my stained-glass inserts.

2019_04_xx_wind_twirler 2019_04_xx_carving
Stained Glass and Wood Carved Wind Twirler (2019) Combined sandblasted stained-glass, carved wood, and fishing swivels to make these wind spinners.